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April 30, 2020  

Submit Questions

April 30, 2020

If you would like to send in a question for a reading, spiritual guidance or insight into an experience you've had, simply send an email to: wendy@wendyswisdom.ca and include the following information:

* Your "real" First and Last Name - Wendy uses this to "tune-in" to your Guides. If you don't give a real name and she answers your question you'll most likely get garbage answers. She will not use your full name for the show. She'll either use your first and and last name initial - so John P. or Carrie S. If you don't want her to use your real name for the show, that is not a problem, just give her a code name that she can use and you will recognize.

* The first and last names of anyone you are asking about or that is involved in the question.

* Your gender

* A code Name for that Wendy uses for the show if you don't want your first name and last name initial used.

*Your Question (Vague questions generally get vague answers so keep that in mind.)

Make sure to join the show to see if your question is answered. Wendy chooses whatever question she is impressed to answer so not questions are guaranteed to be answered. There is no privacy and shows are recorded and most like posted at a later date.

Wendy does not do readings "for proof", she does them to help people. When she does her "set up", she asks Spirit to give you a garbage answer if you are testing her or trying to "get proof". Spirit typically sends you proof in their own way.