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December 15, 2019  


December 15, 2019

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Patron Series Ebooks

These eBooks are part of Wendy's Patron Series and were created to help support Wendy's podcast. All eBooks are concise and uses easy to understand terms. By purchasing any eBook, you are helping to support her work. Not only that, eBooks make a great addition to your development resource library. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Are You Seeing Behind the Mask?
If you are an Empath or Sensitive, you have probably "felt" what a person truly feels. So if your friend is feeling very sad, but smiling - you'll know something is wrong and that the smile isn't real. You'll feel it. The smile is the mask to hide the truth of being sad. But did you know that you can literally see behind the mask? It's true. Wendy discusses what is really found behind the mask from a spiritual perspective. She gives personal true-life examples and also shares with you how you can try an experiment to help you to see what is behind a person's mask. $7.00 CDN Read More or Order Now

Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing Sessions

These are NOT regular podcasts or Guided Meditations - They are Energy Blockage and Clearing Sessions programmed to help heal or improve your life. You'll be listening to it as needed (daily, every few days, or as needed) - not just once. Learn more about how these sessions work by visiting: https://www.oralinlight.com/bbg.html

Removing Blockages Affecting Your Ability to Meditate

Blockage Clearing and Balancing Sessions

Not being able to meditate is frustrating! You can get even more irritated when you don't understand why you can't meditate - especially if there isn't an apparent reason. It's possible that you have blockages in your energy that can contribute to this issue and removing those blockages eliminates the problem. 

This energy blockage clearing and balancing session is set up to remove any energy blockages in your physical or emotional body causing you to have difficulty meditating. 

It is also meant to help give you insight into what you need to do - if anything - to resolve the issue. For example, if you need to change the time that you meditate you would suddenly start to have those thoughts during or after listening to the session.

There are several affirmations included in this session that might help you deal with this issue, but the session addresses issues not mentioned as well. $29.95 CDN Read More or Order Now

Listen to the podcast 9 Reasons for Having Trouble Meditating to gain more insight into this issue.

Psychic Readings

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