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May 25, 2020  


May 25, 2020

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Premium podcasts can be purchased through Podbean or you can visit the Oralin Store and find them there as well. Any products or services on the Podbean site are in US dollars or use Podbean currency (Golden Beans). Any products or services on the Oralin site are in Canadian dollars.

Remove Energy Blockages Affecting Your Ability to Meditate


 Services and Products from the Oralin Store

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Patron Series Ebooks

Add to your Library of psychic development and spiritual understanding resources with Wendy's ebooks!  All eBooks are concise and use easy to understand terms. Don't let that fool you into thinking they don't contain valuable information to help you on your path - they do! The "how to" eBooks give step-by-step instructions and no psychic or spiritual experience is needed. Perfect for beginners or those who are not getting the results they desire from their current routines. See all books by clicking here.

Are You "Seeing" Behind the Mask?
How to Communicate with Those in Spirit
How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration and Strengthen Your Intuition
How to Cleanse and Protect Your Living/Work Space
How to Contact Your Soulmate in Spirit
How to Receive Information from Photos or Object


Health and Well-Being Do-It-Yourself Narratives

These narratives have been programmed or set-up to clear, balance, fix and feed the energy of body, mind and soul based on the focus of the narrative. They also help to change thought patterns influencing the issue. They are designed to first work on the most important changes that need to happen to your energy to improve your health and well-being. 

FREE - “Remove Coronavirus Stress Affecting You” Session - A Must for Empaths or Sensitives!

Achieve Your Ideal Body Weight - "Top Priority" - Physical

Achieve Your Ideal Body Weight - "Top Priority" - Emotional

Achieve and Maintain a Positive Self Image

Strengthen Your Immune System

Remove Energy Blockages Affecting Your Ability to Meditate

Archangel Ariel - Ascension Energy Alignment and Balancing Guided Visualization


Psychic Readings

All of these readings are done by email. Prices vary so visit the Store for more details and prices. Click here to learn more about Readings by Phone.

Click here to see all readings available (including Specials!)


Guided Visualizations / Meditations

These guided sessions are to help you gain insight into specific aspects of life. They are fun to do and can be used over and over again to get more information.

FREE - Meet Your Spirit Guide

Why You Chose to Be a Woman in this Lifetime


Distance Aura, Home and Work Space Energy Cleansing and Protection

Make sure you are living life in the least stressful way possible. Clear old energy from your aura, home or workspace so each day you start fresh! 

Distance Aura Cleansing & Protection

Distance Home Cleansing & Protection

Distance Work Space Cleansing & Protection