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November 5, 2019  

About Wendy

November 5, 2019

I (Wendy Kay - Founder of oralin.com, oralinlight.com, blockage-be-gone.com and my pride and joy wendyswisdom.ca) am very proud to say that I've been online since 1997! My goal or passion has always been to help others on their spiritual journey and my main site oralin.com has gone through many changes over the years.

Currently, I'm fulfilling the goal of helping others walk their own path by doing podcasts that share the knowledge I've acquired over the last 40 years. This is a new project for me.

It's always been difficult trying to produce podcasts while earning a living so I've created a Patron Program in the hopes that I can support myself while growing my business and manifesting my dream.

Without the Patron Program, I'd have to put reading specials online to earn income so I can pay my bills (I do love to eat and sleep with a roof over my head LOL) and that takes up a lot of my time (and energy) and the podcasts and other projects always have to get pushed down the priority list.

I know my clients love the reading specials and I appreciate and am grateful for their loyalty over the years, but I know I'll help more people by expanding the line of products that I offer. 

I'm hoping that the Patron Program will also allow me to focus on creating more ebooks and premium podcasts which include: "How To" Lectures, Guided Visualizations and DIY Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing Guided Sessions.

Right now, I'm dedicated to doing 2 podcasts per week on Monday and Thursday, but would like to do them more often if finances allow.

I like producing podcasts that share the knowledge I've discovered on my personal journey of developing my psychic/healing abilities, learning how to communicate with Spirit and understanding how Spirit interacts with us and affects our day-to-day choices and experiences. 

I also want to answer questions that people ask about their own experiences and personal journey so that they can gain understanding from a spiritual perspective.

It is that connection to Spirit that got me through some of the most difficult years of my life which included:

- dealing with and learning how to overcome anxiety/panic attacks (They started in my early 30's and it took years to heal from my past, but they did change me as a person for the better.),

- losing everything twice (Once was bad enough. It's pretty scary when you don't know where you're going to live!),

- being ill for over 10 years (Many of those days were spent laying on the couch incapacitated. During that time, I thanked God for being able to do readings when I could because that was my only source of income and it managed to keep me going - well, that and credit cards...)

and many other experiences that had me reaching out to a Higher Power for understanding and strength.

I'm still here so I guess I'd call that success. I'd also have to say that this is happiest time of my life so perhaps everything that I went through was worth it if it brought me to this state of "Being" and allows me to live my dream. 

When I  first started developing my own abilities in my late teens, I read many instructional books that seemed to be missing key elements that would bring me the understanding needed for success on my psychic development, personal growth spiritual journey. The internet did did not exist or was virtually unknown at that time (yep, I'm that old...). Any information to help one on their path was found in books, magazines or by finding a local teacher. Shirley MacLaine's VHS tape on meditation was one of the first guided meditations I did.

One didn't speak about psychic development in those days. I lost many so-called friends when I began developing and had to endure a lot of negative comments from others - including family members. It was normally a long and frustrating journey. Although many who embark on this journey experience the same thing, society is much more accepting of psychic / spiritual development now.

When I finally learned the basics and started communicating with my Guides, I felt the desire to help others to be able to do the same. I also knew that people would run into the same problems that I did - not getting the basics for success and not having access to someone they trusted for answers so I took the first step and wrote ebooks to share what I had discovered.

Although there is so much information on the internet - I'm still surprised at how much of it is incorrect or incomplete and even worse, I'm horrified at how people just take what is said as truth and incorporate it into their lives without much thought.

I decided to take my goal a step further to create affordable "Do It Yourself" (DIY) courses and mp3 lectures. Anyone can develop his or her abilities if they have the basics and that's what I want to provide for others - a solid foundation for their development.

While my sites and podcasts are geared to beginners or those just starting out and who do not have any knowledge or limited knowledge, it will also be useful for those with more knowledge.

If you have been developing for a while and aren't getting the results you desire or are not seeing the progress you think you should be experiencing - check out the services and products offered. There is a lot of information online that is inaccurate.

You might simply be missing one small piece of information or recommended technique that can change your path for the better immediately. You may just be curious about spirituality, metaphysics, healing and personal growth or you may be someone who has been developing your own abilities and exploring this path for years - all are welcome. I'm dedicated to those searching for a higher level of awareness and an expanded way of seeing this world. 

I believe that sharing my knowledge and helping beginners to understand their experiences and how to communicate with Spirit properly is part of my life purpose or reason for being born. It is a passion that fulfills me like nothing else I've ever done in my life. It also gives me a reason or understanding for all of the suffering I've endured.

When walking this path, you should maintain an attitude of open-mindedness but cautiousness, so if something doesn't feel right to you - honour that feeling even it is from this site. Each person's path is unique.

I'm an internet business located in Canada and all prices are in Canadian funds so those of you in the US are are really saving! You can write to us at:

1-24 Hillside Drive,
Orangeville, Ontario Canada
L9W 1P7

or by filling out our or by filling out our Contact Form

We welcome feedback, comments, or suggestion! And always to remember to Live in Light!