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March 26, 2020  

Try This Fun Remote Viewing Exercise!

March 26, 2020

Let's have some fun today and practice using our psychic / spiritual gifts or abilities. This is a simple remote viewing exercise. If you scroll down a bit, you'll see what the item is that was used in the exercise, but try not to cheat - wait until after you have tried the exercise to see what it is.


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Here is the image...

https://www.oralinlight.com/images/20200325_125243.jpg https://www.oralinlight.com/images/20200325_125216.jpg

This is a Himalayan Salt Lamp. It is about 10 inches tall and sits on a round, brown wooden base. It has a brown electrical cord with a dimmer switch on it. It is very pink when the light is not on. When the light is on, it is orange-pink and yellow.

You could get images or words relating to the lamp - colours, what it is used for, what it does, how it makes one feel - anything!