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July 4, 2019  

Wendy’s Experiment with Earthing

July 4, 2019

Have you heard of Earthing? Wendy talks a bit about what it is and does an easy Earthing experiment that you can try as well.


Hi Wendy!

As always, I love your stuff! I listened to the Earthing podcast and loved it! My back yard is very private, and I like to get the "full body " experience by just laying in the grass, so everything you experienced always just felt normal to me. Even just listening to your experience and thinking about laying in the grass brought such a feeling of peace to me, and makes me feel very de-stressed. After doing this for quite awhile, it has become so apparent to me how pronounced feelings of pressure and stress have become, and how much more readily I recognize them and immediately desire to "unload".

The next podcast I want to listen to is the one about inviting the Nature Spirits, and again, just thinking about it brings me such joy!

Thank you for your constant work and joy in bringing a higher vibrational frequency to the world. It's so needed! Please use any or all of this for your website! Love you! Gail - USA (July 2019)


You are quite welcome Gail and thank you for your kind words. You are so lucky to be able to connect to nature in that way. I'm just glad there is an alternative for those of us who can't do that! I've had sooooo many more experiences since using the mats and will be doing an episode on it soon. - Wendy

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